Medical card patients

For reasons of good clinical care, it is our usual policy to accept medical card applications only from those patients already registered with us as patients & who live in reasonable proximity to our practice. If you do not live nearby, it is unlikely that we will be in a position to accept you and you should register with a Doctor closer to where you live. If you are currently living nearer by but move at a subsequent date, again we may request you to register with a Doctor closer to where you live.

You are officially accepted onto the medical card list once the HSE has completed the paperwork which can sometimes take several weeks.

It is important to note that while the medical card will cover you for regular attendances  certain services are not covered

  • Adult vaccinations
  • Driving license medicals and
  • Well person checks including cholesterol testing & health prevention exams
  • Legal examinations or reports
  • Insurance reports or examinations
  • Pre employment/ fitness to work examinations
  • School/ gym entrance exams or reports
  • Family planning services
  • Pregnancy tests

Unfortunately we are only able to take on Medical Card holders who are currently registered patients with our practice.

Unsure if you are eligible for a medical card?  The HSE website has a medical card calculator to help you to find out.