HPV vaccine- why are we not protecting our children?

A significant fall in the rate of uptake of the national programme of cervical cancer vaccination, is being blamed on unsubstantiated claims of certain side effects with the vaccine. Uptake was at 90% when the vaccine was introduced 6 years ago but now less than 50% of young girls are receiving the vaccine. This has significant implications for a very safe and effective vaccination programme.

Anxiety causes heart disease

‘Worried well’ may increase their risk of heart disease

People who needlessly worry that they have, or will develop, serious illness — popularly referred to as ‘the worried well’ — may be boosting their risk of developing heart disease, research published in the online journal BMJ Open has suggested. Anxiety is a known risk factor for heart disease.

What is considered a safe level of weekly drinking?

Health Service Executive recommends safe drinking levels

Low risk weekly guidelines for adults are: up to 11 standard drinks in a week for women, and up to 17 standard drinks in a week for men.

Drinks should be spaced out over the week, not consumed in one sitting.