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Blood test service– no appointment necessary this is a walk in clinic available to all patients with a blood request form

Monday 09:00-09:20  Tuesday 08:00 to 08:20

Acute Medical Services

  • Cough / Respiratory Infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Arthritis
  • Gastrointestinal Infections
  • Fractures
  • Ear Syringing
  • Drivers License Assessment

Chronic Medical Services

We believe prevention is better than a cure, so we advise annual medical examinations to maintain good health and ensure that recommended screening tests are kept up to date depending on the patients age & family history.

  • Osteoporosis (Thin Bones)
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Weight Management etc.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Haemochromatosis

Women’s Health

  • Menopause & all related symptoms
  • Breast problems/ lumps/ pain
  • Routine mammogram referrals from 40 years +
  • Pap smear (free for those 25-60)
  • Contraception: all forms of contraception including pill, mini pill, diaphragm fitting
  • Longer term contraception: mirena coil insertion ( 5 years) & implanon (3 years)
  • Heavy periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Infertility
  • Polycystic ovarian disease
  • Pregnancy -ante/ post natal checks (Combined Care)

The combined antenatal care programme allows you to be under the joint care of your GP and obstetrician/ midwife during pregnancy.  Visits covering routine pregnancy care only are free of charge once the HSE application form is completed in the surgery & has been agreed to by the HSE & G.P..  You must visit our doctors as soon as you discover you are pregnant to see if you are eligible for the scheme & to complete registration.  We will then refer you to your local maternity hospital where you will be seen before 20 weeks for assessment, blood tests and a scan.  Subsequently your visits will alternate between the hospital and GP and become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses.

1st pregnancy 6 routine visits are covered under the scheme

2nd & subsequent pregnancies 5 routine visits

Combined care also includes visit at 6 weeks after the baby is born for mother & baby.

Men’s Health

  • Prostate test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Sexual health issues
  • Health maintenance- blood pressure
  • Colon cancer screening

Children’s Health

  • Immunisations
  • Well child checks
  • Common childhood illnesses

Dermatology & Minor Surgery

Dr. Kearns has had a special interest in dermatology and has run a dermatology clinic within the practice for many years, in addition to the treatment of common skin complaints like eczema, psoriasis & acne we also provide cryotherapy (freezing treatment) & mole excisions.

An appointment to review the dermatology issue is needed prior to treatment.

Many of the dermatology procedures are part covered by private health insurers.

  • Acne – complete service available including roaccutane if required
  • Complete skin check for sun related skin damage / moles including photography of moles for review assessment
  • Excisions and biopsies of moles if indicated
  • Skin tag removal
  • Rosacea ( red spots on cheeks and nose)
  • Wart removal with cryotherapy
  • Sun damaged skin removal
  • Removal of milia (white spots around eyes)
  • Excessive sweating in underarms- botox therapy to treat
  • Wound care/ dressing
  • Stitch removal post surgery

Botulinum Toxin

  • Botulinum toxin injections for treatment of  excessive sweating in the armpit, hands
  • Botox for teeth grinding & TMJ pain
  • Botox sun related lines & wrinkles treatment & prevention for further formation

Sports Medicine

  • Injuries related to sports
  • Chronic back pain
  • Recurrent joint problems
  • Frozen shoulder management

Sexual Health

  • STI screening for both men & women in a confidential manner. A blood sample and urine (male) or swab (female) test are required for this screening.

Travel Vaccinations

  • Travel vaccines- Travel vaccine service includes prescription medication for malaria and common travel related illnesses e.g. diarrhoea, allergic reactions, insect bites.

Please note we do not provide rabies or yellow fever vaccinations

Vaccinations for Common Illnesses

  • Annual influenza vaccines (with text reminder service)
  • HPV vaccination ( prevents cervical and wart virus related cancers) recommended for all over 12+ years
  • Chickenpox vaccine ( available after 1 year of age)
  • Pneumonia vaccine- recommended for all 65+ & those with chronic medical conditions affecting their lungs or immunity e.g. asthma, diabetes, celiac disease
  • Shingles vaccine- recommended all 65+
  • Rubella booster vaccines – pre pregnancy if low immunity levels